We develop high-tech IT solutions that are able to interpret customer needs with “tailor-made” accuracy.

Our software


jP.ReLog is a web and mobile application, expressly designed to manage all the processes related to the waste chain (Reverse Logistics).

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The Software to manage insurance policies and certificates.

The software for the management of insurance policies and certificates. It is aimed at brokers and insurance companies who want to manage their business by optimizing times and costs

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The way to reach all possible worlds

jP.Commerce is a multilingual e-Commerce platform capable of satisfying B2C and B2B needs, from small to large companies.

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Plan your events perfectly

Organize your events perfectly and give your guests a magical experience. The application helps you manage all aspects of an event.

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The ace that makes you and your customers win

Zerouno offers tools and services that allow you to manage all aspects of a competition: design, organization, mechanics and graphics.

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Qualify people to enhance your business

jP.Coach is an agile tool to offer distance learning services, with public or private access, to accompany marketing and commercial activities.

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jPuzzle is a modular application platform based on Java technology, entirely designed for the Web and Mobile.

The platform allows you to push the boundaries of business activities and business-to-business transactions. Indeed, it is fully usable via the Internet, anywhere and in real time, via a browser, on any fixed or mobile device capable of connecting to the Web.

We develop high-tech IT solutions that are able to interpret customer needs with “tailor-made” accuracy.


The maintenance and evolution of the project is facilitated by the development methodologies and tools shared between the project teams.

The architecture of the jPuzzle platform has been carefully designed and developed to produce high-performance, web-optimized and scalable applications.

The reserved areas are based on profiled access, controlled by login and password, protected by the best security standards.

The interfaces are reactive, multilingual and configurable according to the user’s profile.