Zerouno is a business accelerator for companies in any industry and market because it dominates the enabling technology factor. In fact, it develops tailor-made IT solutions, capable of effectively adapting to the needs of the customer. We use the best solutions developed for our customers to pack new software products that can further accelerate the Time-to-Market.

Web Design

A website is not just about text and words, it is about studying and designing the user experience.

The goal is to create a website that is the best for you and your customer’s needs.

Your portal is your showcase, enhance your offer and your services, differentiate yourself from the competition and acquire new customers every day.

Marketing & Communication

Our consulting and digital skills make Zerouno the best business partner. We are able to manage any type of communication flow, having gained significant experience in the field of the Internet and its services. In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to differentiate and communicate its strengths, on different channels, effectively and economically, has become the key element.

Graphics and Multimedia

The effectiveness of a message is not only limited to words but also includes visual communication and is further supported by the interaction experience of a user.
We can provide tools that stimulate your business and enable better promotion of your offer.
Communicative emotion is the key to success in your market.

Systems and Infrastructures

Our solutions and expertise make Zerouno the best partner for your projects.
We guarantee the highest standards of security and reliability of the IT infrastructure underlying your business processes.
We offer the best skills to design, integrate and manage individual components or an entire IT infrastructure.