The WishListTM team’s need was to have an online platform for the sale of their gift books and the management of orders for the products chosen by customers.

It had to be possible to request the desired gift by entering the relevant secret code. At the same time it had to allow a POS transaction by credit card. For the most demanding customers, the portal had to provide the possibility to personally select the products in the chosen price range to create a personalized box, upload an image to create the cover and write a dedication for the receiver of the gift.

The portal also had to include a section dedicated to companies for an original gift and for all occasions (incentives, corporate gifts, loyalty, etc).

The backoffice area had to allow to activate the process of management and execution of the order, starting from the management of lots, warehouse/suppliers, items up to the management of logistics through an automated system.

Zerouno, through the modules of its jPuzzle platform, has realized all the functionalities to allow the management of the entire business process:

Content Management System
Management of dynamic public, private or mixed portals: contents (Company Profile, News, Highlights, banners, Events, Gallery, Advertising, Press, Links, etc.), publications, repositories, notices, documents and statistics.

Marketing Automation
Automation of marketing activities: potential customers, catalogues, products/services, promotions, FAQ, events, activities, campaigns, newsletter, mailings, documents and statistics.

Self-managed sales process by the customer: product/service sheet, registration, cart (eCart), multiple orders, alerts, documents and statistics.

Logistics Management: Warehouses, deliveries, DDT, movements, logistics, articles, panning, activities, reports, communication, notices, documents and statistics.

Communication Management
Integrated communication management: communications (e-mail, fax, tel, etc.) and notices (memos, notifications and circulars) managed in association with the context to which they refer and saved in special virtual binders.

Products and serviced used: