Portale Scienza Salute

Through our ecommerce platform we have created the online sales portal for Nestlè Health Science products www.scienza-salute.it.

Our platform allows you to manage multiple brands and filter products through a multi-classification system, with customized layouts and graphics for each individual product card, when necessary.

The main features that our solution makes available to the Merchant are:

  • The management of the online catalogue in a dynamic and autonomous way for product cards and classifications;
  • Full integration with warehouse and dispatch management system (WMS and TMS).
  • The integration of financial flows with the SAP management system;
  • The management of the entire sales flow, from the updating of stock availability in real time to the collection and invoicing of orders without impact on existing flows for classic sales channels.
  • Management interface for promotional logic and bundled offers
  • The management of landing pages linked to brands and/or products for campaigns and DEMs.
  • The ability to manage the micro accounting (journal) within the platform without impacting consumer records on the corporate ERP;
  • The integration with shipment tracking flows;
  • The integration with the main freight forwarders’ HUBs through Web Services.

Products and services used: