Nationale Suisse

Nationale Suisse needed a system for issuing transport insurance certificates online. The project was to lead to a simplification of manual procedures by optimizing the process time and costs. Zerouno met the customer’s requirements by creating a web-based java application, consisting of modules from its own jP.broKing platform, customized and integrated with existing IT systems.

The sales network made up of agents, brokers but also end customers now have a simple and immediate tool to request insurance coverage. At the same time the management through a Back-Office module can control emissions and immediately manage particular requests reported by timely notifications.

The certificate request is based on a simple and intuitive interface through a guided data entry path (wizard) with easy and functional self-filling of fields.

Users can manage in full autonomy the various phases of the compilation, even saving a draft before the issue and previewing it in .PDF format. Subsequent variations of certificates already issued, the creation of new documents with copy as draft and cancellation are also allowed.

Other features include the production of monthly summaries, and access to proprietary databases of Ships and Experts. For some customers, having to manage a considerable number of covers, National Suisse required an automatic procedure for loading requests from data flows, which further reduced costs and issuing times.

Data confidentiality is made possible by the implementation of an efficient user profiling system, configuring the functionalities accessible from each profile for groups or individually.

Recently the application has been extended to the Life Branch where a parallel sales network can request TCM certificates with the dynamic production of attached and pre-filled documentation such as health questionnaires.

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