Through our jP.broKing platform, the software for issuing and managing insurance policies and certificates, we have satisfied the need for InnovAction Insurance.

The client, a start-up, needed a complete web platform, usable both by the management and by the commercial network with which to manage insurance contracts at every stage, from the request for listing to the issuance of coverage, to the appendices of variation, portfolio management and claims.

The necessary functions have also been created for the Administration, which has been able to have visibility and complete control of securities and maturities through special reports, as well as being able to integrate with its own accounting program.

In addition to all this, the customer appreciated the integration with the modules that manage the commercial network, customer and prospect data with tracking of quotes, activities, communications and document management.

Finally, it was necessary to provide very precise rules on data confidentiality through the implementation of an efficient user profiling system, configuring for groups or individually the functionalities accessible from each profile.

Products and services used: