Dokout is the first international platform where film-makers and small production companies can make micro-documentaries for big brands and TV productions.

Dokout was created with the aim of offering, on one hand, videomakers the possibility to work directly for well-known brands and, on the other hand, to offer companies the possibility to have high-level productions with a limited budget.

Unlike the classic Contests where several filmmakers are expected to send their work to a jury that will decide the winner, with Dokout the filmmaker will start working on a “mission” only once chosen.
It will be the internal Dokout commission, evaluating the contents of a video portfolio inserted during the recording phase, to choose the most suitable film-maker who will have to realize the “mission”.

The registered film-makers can:
  • apply for the missions launched by large companies. If you are chosen, you are immediately put under contract and activated to make the video.
  • share with the Dokout staff an incredible story on which to make a short documentary. Dokout will do everything possible to finance it.
The Dokout platform has been entirely made with the components of the jPuzzle framework.

Products and services used: