Cars and Coffee

Zerouno has created the Cars&Coffee portal, dedicated to the international community and its events. The design, navigation and interaction were designed by Roviko inc.

The portal has been entirely realized through our Smart CMS solution, which allows completely customized and adaptive content management and navigation structures.

One subscribed to the portal, users will have the opportunity to report their interests based on country and event type, subscribe to events, view ended event galleries and add events to Favorites.

The portal has also a reserved area for each profile (Owner, Enthusiast, etc.). By accessing your reserved area you can view the history of the events in which you have participated and to which you are currently enrolled, your Favorites events, change your interest settings and view a series of events proposed by the portal based on the interest set.

The reserved area also contains a Garage section, where you can enter data, information and photos about the cars you want to register and bring to the events.

The portal manages the online payment of the Owners enrolled in the events and allows the generation and printing of entry tickets to the event for Enthusiast.

The management of events is done through the backoffice: each authorized organizer has the possibility, through a customized interface, to create and manage independently the events of their country, add features (hotels, gadgets, etc.), approve the registrations of participants and their cars.

Products and services used: