Info & Motion Graphics

We realize effective solutions of visual communication through the production of graphic material, for the web or for printing.

The infographic uses the illustrated language to best express data and processes in a distinctive way, producing a visual impact that does not go unnoticed.

Increasingly popular and used in advertising and popular campaigns, in the pages of major newspapers, in ebooks, the infographic synthesizes the concepts and amplifies the communication. Having the courage to focus on this language, as many of the most important companies are doing, will be rewarded by visual and communicative results of great strength. Starting from original illustrations, created for the customer, we animate the scenes and characters to show even better the functioning of a product, or the steps that a user must take in any situation.

Motion Graphis is the ideal tool to communicate ideas, platforms, innovative services as well as a valid support to online or classroom training programs using the language of images and symbols that allow a simpler and more effective understanding of the topics covered.