Our consulting and digital skills make Zerouno the best business partner. We are able to manage any type of communication flow, having gained significant experience in the field of the Internet and its services. In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to differentiate and communicate its strengths, on different channels, effectively and economically, has become the key element.

Info & Motion Graphics

We realize effective solutions of visual communication through the production of graphic material, for the web or for printing.

The infographic uses the illustrated language to best express data and processes in a distinctive way, producing a visual impact that does not go unnoticed.

Virtual Tour e foto 360°

We conduct virtual tours that allow 360° navigation of environments, providing the user with an experience of exploration within places.

A virtual tour allows you to explore an environment, filmed at 360° and in high definition, from the comfort of your computer or other device. Thanks to the Virtual Tours, your users can preview a location and move around it, with the possibility of rotating the view in every direction to observe the details and view the other areas that can be explored.

Video service

We take care of the realization of videos and commercials, through the collaboration with professional videomakers to ensure a high quality standard that will be further optimized in post-production, with the addition of special effects, transitions and refining of the images taken.

A Video Showreel is a professional video, lasting just a few minutes, that can represent the portfolio of a company or a specialist; it consists of several sequences, assembled together, that offer a complete overview of its activity and expertise.

Graphics for printing​

We study and design graphic material coordinated with the company’s Visual Identity, such as Business Cards, Letterheads or more specific products such as leaflets, brochures, catalogues and displays.

We offer professional services for the study, design and finalization of products.

Design prodotti 3D

In a constantly evolving and increasingly competitive market, the ability of a company to express the value of its products through innovative solutions becomes a necessity and a strength… We create virtual objects to allow a more engaging experience of them, when they are displayed: from the shape to the details, from the features to the functions. We are able to create solutions for the virtual configuration of 3d products to formulate the offer based on the features and accessories selected. Thanks to the online 3D configurator, the customer is no longer just an observer of what is proposed but also the creator of his own product, as an expression of his desire.