Our consulting and digital skills make Zerouno the best business partner. We are able to manage any type of communication flow, having gained significant experience in the field of the Internet and its services. In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to differentiate and communicate its strengths, on different channels, effectively and economically, has become the key element.

Digital Marketing

We develop digital communication plans, to be combined with traditional communication strategies, through software solutions and customized marketing projects.

We plan and structure the activities related to corporate or product Digital Marketing, through our team of experts, able to offer services at 360 °.

Direct Email Marketing

We organize massive mailings and mobile marketing activities, via SMS, to effectively reach defined targets and obtain objectively measurable results.

Direct Email Marketing (DEM) is an effective tool that allows you to communicate in a personalized and effective way with recipients. Thanks to a DEM campaign, it is possible to carry out “lead generation” or loyalty actions, based on the specific characteristics of the target, in order to obtain a higher conversion rate compared to other forms of generalized communication, such as “newsletters”. It is essential to encourage recipients to interact to complete a conversion and generate traffic on the website.

Advertising On-line

We organize campaigns through: social platforms, banners, emails and display advertising.

Digital Advertising has now taken on a key role in Digital Marketing strategies and aims to achieve maximum visibility on a well-defined target. Online Advertising allows you to promote a particular content or simply improve the brand awareness and reputation of your site.

Digital Advertising is carried out through online communications addressed to a target audience. It can be implemented through Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns or other activities that, when properly monitored, allow you to modulate your investments in advertising and verify its effectiveness (Return Of Investment).


Social Network Management

We provide activation and management of social channels such as Facebook (pages and groups), Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We create and customize the graphics of profiles, manage the scheduled publication of content, listening activities, advertising campaigns and reporting.

We have experience in managing corporate social networks: for large national and multinational companies, for small and medium enterprises and for shops.

We create and manage advertising campaigns on the most popular social media, with advanced management of Facebook Ads.


QRCodes, through mobile devices, allow interaction with the user starting from a content. We have the knowledge and tools to manage all the interaction, from activation to the point of landing. The most widespread use of this technology is linked to the transformation of classic print campaigns into interactive online campaigns. In fact, QRCodes can be printed on a product’s packaging or on the product itself, on a magazine, on an advertising poster, on a DVD and on any other type of support.

This is a very advantageous solution for marketing, because it allows to detect the conversion rate of an advertising campaign carried out on the classic media.

We offer comprehensive consulting services and implementation of marketing campaigns related to the use of QRCodes.