Zerouno is Software House, Solution Provider & Digital Agency

Zerouno is a business accelerator for companies in any industry and market because it dominates the enabling technology factor. In fact, it develops tailor-made IT solutions, capable of effectively adapting to the needs of the customer. We use the best solutions developed for our customers to pack new software products that can further accelerate the Time-to-Market.

Zerouno interprets the requests of national and international “startups”, offers customised solutions and helps companies to communicate and relate with their target market.

Our values

The ability to offer software consulting services is a natural consequence of the training and growth of our employees on the projects we implement.

Zerouno has always invested in professional training and innovation, selecting and testing the best technologies. In this way we consolidate the experience that allows us to offer IT consultancy at the highest levels.

Thanks to the skills, professionalism and experience gained over the years, we are able to offer valuable support to companies in the management of activities in the field of information technology.

Zerouno helps its customers to optimize the organization and processes, not only through its products, but also through consulting activities.

Our consultants have gained significant experience:

  • in the study of customer needs;
  • in the mapping of functional requirements;
  • in the estimation of projects;
  • in modelling solutions;

Zerouno has IT personnel with multiple technological skills and with different levels of experience and seniority. According to the needs and requests of our customers, Zerouno provides the most suitable professionals.

FUTURE is an engaging ENTERPRISE

Our consulting and digital skills make Zerouno the best business partner. We are able to manage any type of communication flow, having gained significant experience in the field of the Internet and its services. In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to differentiate and communicate its strengths, on different channels, effectively and economically, has become the key element.

This ability depends heavily on digital tools and cannot overlook the increasingly widespread presence of mobile devices that make information accessible anywhere and to anyone.

Zerouno is therefore the ideal partner to overcome these new
challenges, because it knows the market and the key technologies to interact with it and is able to interpret, guide and implement the strategic initiatives of its customers.

The services provided in this area are listed below:

  • Direct Marketing and DEM;
  • SEO Optimization;
  • Online Advertising;
  • Social Media Management;

Our story

Our Origins
Zerouno S.r.l. was founded in the mid-90s as a consulting company within the Zucchetti Group.
It then oriented its consulting and software development activities towards the emerging world of the Internet, considering it a fundamental channel to support companies to relate to their market.
To the simple vision of using the internet as a digital showcase, Zerouno had already developed solutions that allowed its customers to provide services through the web.
Zerouno has developed innovative online solutions such as the first mutual fund trading, the first transport insurance policies, the mortgage management (quotes and initiation of preliminary investigation) and the ecommerce of the sale of flowers.
Software development is complemented by digital marketing solutions such as photo-based 3D modelling and immersive photography.
To effectively respond to the growing needs of its customers, Zerouno develops its own modular application platform.
The result is jPuzzle, a set of software modules, created with industrial logic, which guarantee high quality development, fast production, reduced time-to-market and optimized development costs.
With jPuzzle some e-business solutions are realised for important national customers, such as CRM, CMS and O2C (Management of order acquisition, logistics, invoicing and collection for third parties).
Attention to the environment
Zerouno starts implementing some software solutions in the field of waste collection. Thanks to jPuzzle, it wins the tender for the development of the national platform for the Collection of Electronic Equipment, and later Batteries and Accumulators, as well as providing solutions to the chain of consortia related to them.
A further specialisation of jPuzzle is born, jP.Relog, a vertical solution for the world of reverse logistics.
Continued growth
The historic headquarters in Lodi is flanked by the new structure in Milan. A building designed entirely by Zerouno and built with respect for the environment and sustainability (urban recovery of a building of the '60s) and with attention to energy saving (building automation, photovoltaics, ...).
The new headquarters, in addition to being an expression of corporate expansion, aims to attract new workers and enhance the brand identity of the Company.
Further Opportunities
Coworking spaces have been dedicated in the Milan office. This initiative has allowed us to get in touch with new realities and needs, which on several occasions have turned into opportunities for the development of IT solutions.
Zerouno develops the innovative web platform for the management of the advance payment of invoices.
Technology and IoT
A process of further renewal of the jPuzzle platform is activated, using the latest technologies based on microservices. The expansion of internal skills leads the company towards the development of new applications and new solutions.
The IT experience is enriched with the study and registration of a patent in the IoT world, with a project that aims to make home automation economically sustainable and easily integrated, especially in buildings already constructed.
The Italian model of waste collection and tracking becomes of interest to other countries at an international level.
Zerouno, thanks to the collaboration with Assolombarda, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and consulting companies at the international level, has the opportunity to present the jP.Relog software, designed specifically to manage all processes related to the waste chain (Reverse Logistics), to some African states, European and Russian companies. Zerouno, moreover, as the company selected to represent the Italian delegation at Expo Dubai 2020, also presented its solutions in this context.


How we work

Zerouno interprets the requests of national and international “startups”, offers customised solutions and helps companies to communicate and relate with their target market.

Zerouno, thanks to its expertise, infrastructure and locations, offers other important services such as IT Consulting, Digital Marketing and the Cloud.


Zerouno offers Cloud services and connectivity, through an Italian provider of professional services (CloudItalia), playing the roles of agent and technology partner.

All the application solutions developed by Zerouno can be delivered in SAAS (Software as a Service) mode, but it is also possible to consolidate existing services and applications in the Cloud. In both cases Zerouno offers customizable solutions, entirely managed by its technical staff.